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A trailer for English Touring Opera's 2016 production of Mozart's Don Giovanni.
Coming soon. Short film (20') directed by Hannah Ford. Shot on Sony A7s.
Coming soon. Music video for Move by Fawn.
A 30' film for the Newbridge Memo cinema, Wales. Edits in English and Welsh. Working with Elbow Productions.
A trailer for English Touring Opera's 2015 production of The Tales of Hoffmann.
A film subjectively exploring what it is like to live in a squat and how it can improve your life.
A promo for Kristian Borring Quartet's 2016 album silent storm.
A human transforms into a helicopter, phototaxic and lustful their misadventures lead them into danger until they realise their true power and fall in love.
Behind the scenes features for werewolves-on-a-train movie Howl.
Glade is a physical performance, improvised and shot in one day in a wooded clearing. Time is elastic as light decays.
Single and multi-screen factual video content for Epic Ireland digital museum, Dublin. Working with Elbow Productions.
Video for visitors to All Saints Church in Kingston. Presenter led by Angelica Bell. Working with Elbow Productions.
5 edits of studio footage for specially recorded 'junk' versions of tracks from Paul Mosley's album The Butcher.
A trailer for SOMETIMES THERE'S LIGHT [sometimes there's dark] dir. Kate Sagovsky
Video projections of horse and cow silhouettes with sound atmospheres at National Trust Dunham Massey. Working with Elbow Productions.
Fundraiser for Jack Harris' album 'The Wide Afternoon'.
A short factual film about Stanley Spencer's Memorial Chapel for Sandham National Trust. Working with Elbow Productions.
A live techno performance played on a midi-drums setup.
A short film directed by Natasha Berger. I was the colourist.
Four videos in the Victorian Photography temporary exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. Working with Elbow Productions.
Fundraiser and mood piece for feature film in development In Our Blood.